Celebrities love Amal Clooney Eat seaweed or seaweed regularly. She told Vogue magazine in an interview.What she makes for breakfast: boiled eggs and seaweed soup. This may seem unusual to most people, but it is very common in Asia.

In addition to dried seaweed, the soup also includes celery, cucumbers, peppers, apple, lime and ginger. Seaweed contains high amounts of iodine, iron, calcium, collagen, amino acids and fiber – all important nutrients for the body. They are beneficial for gut health, hair growth, brain function, and skin texture and elasticity.

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Benefits of algae oil

In addition to the numerous ingredients, there are other aspects that speak in favor of the much-hyped algae oil, such as its vegan nature compared to fish oil or krill oil. Algae oil may also relieve symptoms of rheumatism, prevent high blood pressure, lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of thrombosis. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, lowers blood lipid levels and stimulates fat metabolism.

Experts recommend a daily dose of about one teaspoon. The oil can be consumed neat or added to foods such as salad dressing, smoothies, or granola. Important: Only consume algae oil when it is cold, as important nutrients can be lost when heated.
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