The best way to find the answer is to ask and get clarification about the service. According to the consumer initiative, only those who have accurate information can weigh the possible benefits and harms.

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Good to know: Physicians are not permitted to pass on training and information about self-pay services to practice staff; they must undertake these tasks themselves.

In this context, you can also ask the doctor to explain the expected costs in writing. Another useful thing is to ask for time to think.

Whether acupuncture during pregnancy, shock wave therapy for tennis elbow or ultrasound for early cancer detection: you can find out about the various self-services and their possible benefits on the portal of the Federal Medical Service.

According to the consumer initiative, getting a second opinion from another doctor or contacting your health insurance company or patient or consumer advice center can also help with the decision.

Before providing a service, it is necessary to conclude an agreement.

What if I choose the self-payment service? Before this is accomplished, patients have the right to a written contract that lists the individual services and their costs, as determined by the consumer.

By the way: If such an agreement is not concluded, patients will not have to pay, even if they used IGeL, reports the portal
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