Scientists manage to restore smell to patients with persistent covid

A group of researchers in USA has managed to restore the sense of smell to people who suffer from persistent Covid. The method, they say, is “minimally invasive.”

The process, through injection to end the parosmia, will be presented the last week of November. This pathology affects patients who have had Covid-19 and their sense of smell does not function normally. In fact, the problem extends, in many cases, for several months or years and ends up influencing the lack of appetite and quality of life. Few others may suffer phantosmiawhich is an “olfactory hallucination” that causes humans to perceive smells that do not actually exist.

To evaluate the treatment, the benefits of obstructing the stellate ganglia, which are part of the nervous system. They are located in the neck and send certain signals to the head, neck, extremities and thorax. For this, it inject with a needle anesthesia directly into the neck to stimulate the nervous system. The treatment has a very short duration, less than ten minutes.

A total of 54 people with this condition have participated in the program.

After carrying out the process, 37 patients were followed up and obtained some result after the puncture (65%). 22 noticed improvement in just seven days and 18 of them reported progressive improvement in one month.

To date, all treatments have failed but this injection “works”say scientific experts.

Source: Antena3


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