Sleep is very important for our health and mood. However, various reasons can have a negative impact on our sleep. Whether it’s your snoring partner, the trolley outside your bedroom window, or even work stress. And if sleep disturbances occur, they can be indicative of a wide variety of diseases.

So how do we sleep better? What promotes restful sleep and what inhibits it? “Is this healthy?” asks Angelika Kugi from the sleep laboratory at LKH Villach. He answers these questions in the last episode of his program. She also explains when it makes sense to visit such a sleep laboratory and how it works. Listen now!

“Is this healthy?”

How many kilos is too much, Ms. Itariu?

Bianca Itariu is an internal medicine specialist.  He directed the internal obesity clinic at the Vienna General Hospital until March 2023.  She is a board member of the Austrian Obesity Association.