Biontech boss Uğur Şahin gave information about current cancer treatment in his interview with “Bild am Sonntag”. It assumes that the first personalized mRNA-based vaccines against cancer will be available by 2030.

Tumors are shrinking

“We plan to have study data for various other therapeutic approaches between 2025 and 2029, which if positive could lead to approval,” Sahin said. Biontech is planning completely personalized vaccines. “We take blood and tumor samples from the patient and provide the personalized vaccine four weeks later. And ideally for tens of thousands of patients a year, not just 100.”

Last month, Biontech presented results from a clinical trial showing that its mRNA-based cancer vaccine and CAR T cell therapy led to tumor shrinkage in two-thirds of test subjects. Tumors also stopped growing in almost all of the study participants.

Şahin is optimistic about these results: “This approach has the potential to force the immune system to specifically find and destroy the tumor with an army of specialized warriors.”

In addition to the vaccine, Biontech is also testing another treatment approach. The combination of antibody therapy and precision chemotherapy is also said to be successful: “If the tumor is smaller, you can start with immunotherapy and treat the remaining cancer cells. “The strategy of the future is combination therapy of these different approaches.”

Şahin criticizes the often long wait for new drugs and treatments for approval: “We have very long waiting times and complex processes in various places. Therefore, process optimization is required from the beginning of development to various stages of clinical testing and final approval.”

Increasing access to cancer drug studies is important to extend patients’ lives. Some of those affected will gain years as a result.

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