They confirm the first case of swine flu in a human being in the United Kingdom

The Health Security Agency of United Kingdom has confirmed the first case of swine flu (H1N2) in a human being registered in this country.

The affected individual suffered from a “mild sickness“, presenting “respiratory symptoms“, and has “fully recovered”, as reported by the UKHSA (United Kingdom Health Security Agency) in a statement.

Although the swine fludoes not usually affect humans, outbreaks have occasionally occurred in people who were in direct contact with pigsas explained by World Health Organization (WHO). There have also been cases of transmission of the virus between people, although very occasionally.

More possible cases are being investigated

Meera Chanddirector of the UKHSA, has spoken on the matter: “We are working quickly to trace close contacts and reduce any possible spread. In accordance with established protocols, investigations are carried out to find out how the individual acquired the infection and evaluate whether there are more associated cases.”

Experts investigate the origin of the infection of the case detected in the United Kingdom, as well as the possible existence of more cases in the country.

“Pig farmers must also immediately report your local vet of any suspected swine flu in your herds,” says Christine Middlemiss, chief veterinarian at the UK Health Security Agency.

Source: Antena3


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