Health, sued for the side effects of Nolotil, banned in several countries

The medicine Nolotil It is one of the best sellers in Spain and the reference analgesic. Because of its side effectsthe one known as Association of People Affected by Drugs (ADAF) which is responsible for denouncing the harm caused by this medicine and demanding that the population be protected from it. A fundamental rights claim has been filed with the refusal from the Ministry of Health and Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products investigate the numerous cases of damage caused by Nolotil.

The association claims on its website that the objective is “to fight for justice and security in the use of medications and that they take responsibility for the lack of information on unnoticed side effects.” Among them is the disease known as agranulocytosis (reduces white blood cells and increases the risk of fatal infections). Other effects also stand out such as allergic reactions, kidney damage and even death.

For a reason that is not yet known, this medication and its side effects affects more British people and the ADAF tries to protect the rights of the foreign population who come to Spain and who consume Nolotil without taking into account that in their countries it is not sold for the high health risk.

What does the association ask for?

The Asociation calls for a ban throughout Spain, justice and responsibility for the damage already caused and awareness and prevention to avoid future cases. Cristina García del Campo, president of ADAF, has alleged that they are asking that “the administration of the drug be prohibited to citizens of countries in which metamizole (Nolotil) has been withdrawn and that the new risk factors related to agranulocytosis be analyzed.”

ADAF has identified some 350 cases suspects of this disease that affects the immune system and about 40 deaths are being studied where the medication may have contributed to death.

Dangerous medications

There are many medications that, despite being created to help people’s health, their components sometimes cause damage. These side effects can interfere with people’s lives. This is the case, for example, of some medications that increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest . And a study has concluded that some medications, such as antibiotic drugs, antipsychotic medications and prokinetics, can cause these stops.

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