Nonspecific “back pain” is a notoriously common disease. Physical therapies are the first choice. This should apparently include vibration plate therapy. In a comprehensive analysis of the scientific literature, MedUni Vienna experts found almost consistent evidence of the positive effect of whole body vibration therapy.

“Primary nonspecific low back pain (NLBP; ed.) is a common and clinically important disease with significant socioeconomic impact. Whole body vibration therapy (WBVT) has to date proven effective in a variety of indications (fields of application; note) for the improvement of pain and sensorimotor function (e.g. osteoporosis) in very heterogeneous work environments.” Physical Sciences Medicine, rehabilitation and occupational medicine, chaired by Richard Crevenna Currently at MedUni Vienna Vienna Medical Week.

Comparison of different studies

Therefore, the authors searched the most important scientific databases for clinical studies on the use of vibration plates for non-specific “back pain”. A total of twelve original articles with a total of 821 test subjects were included in this evaluation. Ten of these clinical trials were randomized studies with control groups (subjects were randomly assigned to study groups).

Studies have included, for example, whole-body vibration therapy with no other measures, movement therapy, combinations of whole-body electrical muscle stimulation or WBVT with movement exercises, etc. compared with. The frequency of use of the treatment was two to three times. per week and lasted from two to 18 weeks. The vibration frequency fluctuated between five and 30 hertz.

“Important advancement”

According to Vienna experts, the results were still clear. “All ten studies examining pain intensity found a significant reduction in pain. Five of the six studies examining daily function reported significant improvement in daily activities, while all four studies examining physical function reported significant improvement. Experts found that in all three studies examining proprioception (deep sensitivity; note) He also wrote that a significant improvement was reported.

None of the scientific studies analyzed showed any undesirable side effects. “Therefore, whole-body vibration therapy combined with a multimodal approach appears to be a safe and effective treatment,” the Viennese experts noted, concluding that this may enable more “back pain” patients to resort to the vibration plate in the future.

Five healthy questions

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