The OCU warns of “up to four different fats in the same chocolate”

The chocolatesthe star gift of the day of Valentine’s Day which is celebrated next February 14, are in the spotlight of the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU).

The OCU, whose main objective is to defend the rights of consumers, has warned this Monday, February 12, of the presence of up to four fats different in a same hottie.

The organization has analyzed a total of 11 well-known boxes of chocolates with different fillings and flavors and in some they have identified a “high processing”.

Reduces the quality of the chocolates

“8 of the 11 boxes of chocolates selected replace part of the cocoa butter for other fats cheaper, such as palm, palm kernel, shea, coconut, or dairy fat. In fact, some boxes add up to four fats different in a same hottie“they say in their statement.

Furthermore, they certify that it is a measure “that reduces the quality of the chocolates for the sole purpose of reduce he cost, is to replace part of the sugar with glucose syrups. A circumstance that is observed in 3 of the 11 products analyzed.”

The ‘Fat Bloom’

He ‘Fat Bloom‘is a defect that is also present and consists of some white dots of fat that appear due to poor conservation, and together with the excessof sugar and its design are aspects that are assessed in the tasting tests.

Another factor that is taken into account is the price of the box of chocolates, which can range from €17.50/kg to €52.38/kg.

Lastly, your fillingssince there are multiple flavors: “praline, coffee, coconut, liqueur, sometimes the same variety, other times mixed.”

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