Serious warning from the WHO about a new pandemic: “The world is not prepared; we will pay dearly”

New notice from the World Health Organization about the possible arrival of a new pandemic and the planet’s capabilities to confront it. It was the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom, who spoke out on the matter.

Tedros assures that it will arrive that new pandemicgiven that “It’s a question of when, not if it will happen“, and points out the flu, a new coronavirus or another still unknown disease as the possible causes.

In this way, the World Health Organization once again focuses on preparation for another possible pandemic like the one that occurred million deaths worldwide due to covid-19.

“The world is not ready”

This was stated by Tedros during the World Government Summit in Dubai. The director of the WHO points out that “the world is not prepared for a new pandemic“caused by that ‘disease X’ that could even be around the corner.

“The cycle of panic and neglect is beginning to repeat itself. The painful lessons we have learned risk being forgotten when attention turns to the many other crises facing our world. But if we don’t learn those lessons, next time we will pay dearly,” said the WHO director.

Measles also worries the WHO

The World Health Organization recently warned of the increase in measles cases in Europe over the last year. Cases have multiplied by up to 30 on the European continent.

Measles can cause permanent disability, serious complications and even death. The low vaccination rate would be one of the reasons that would have contributed to the increase in measles cases in Europe.

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