Public Health warns of the increase in diseases such as dengue or chikungunya

He dengue and chikungunya disease are viral diseases transmitted by arthropods and constitute a group of diseases that spread at great speed, affecting, wherever they reach, a percentagehigh of the population.

This Monday, January 4, ElenaAndradasgeneral director of Public health of the Community of Madrid, has indicated that the Community has registered an increase in cases of this type of crime in 2023. diseasesemerging.

In addition, a increase of cases imported, which can be associated with greater mobility and environmental factors.

All cases are imported

Andradas has moved from the Assembly of Madrid that 138 cases of dengue and 57 cases of viruses caused by chikungunyaall of them imported cases.

Furthermore, he highlighted that all cases registered in 2023 in the Community of Madrid are importedthat is, they have been sick in another country.

Andradas has stated categorically that “this forces us to keep us active and with all the alerts in order to stop its advance”.

A 365-day surveillance system

He has also highlighted “the attention to all alerts in public health in the 24 hours of the day, seven days a week, during the 365 days of the year”.

Likewise, he explained that the General Directorate of Public Health has a surveillance and control system for arthropods that could represent a risk As the mosquitotiger, sandflies either ticks.

“At the same time that surveillance and control of the diseases that are transmitted by these vectors is carried out, the people who coordinate not only the early detection of these diseases, but also coordinate all the performances of prevention and control that are necessary with each of the City Councils of the Community where these vectors are installed,” Andradas indicated.

9 confirmed cases in 2024

“And in cases where the participation of the Ministry of EnvironmentOf course, there it is,” he added.

As reflected in the latest report of the Grid of SurveillanceEpidemiologicalso far in 2024, in the Community of Madrid there have been registered 9 confirmed cases of dengue and eight probable.

He 58.8% of them are from women and the average age is 34.4 years. The countries with the greatest exposure have been Colombia, Paraguay, Peru, Dominican Republic and Venezuela.

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