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Everything we know about the Mayfair witches

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After Interview with the vampirethe book series of The Witches of Mayfair will be the next adaptation of the literary works of Anna Rice to television screens. According to those involved in the production, the two attractions will be part of the Imortal universe, which will feature an expanded universe of the author.

Check out everything we already know about the new project below.

What does the story of Witches of Mayfair tell?

The show will center around the character of Rowan Fielding, a successful neurosurgeon who suddenly finds out part of a long and ancient line of witches???????? Together with the spectators, Rowan will be introduced to the new world and will have to learn to manage her new powers.

In addition to the whole process of adaptation, there is obviously a greater threat at large, a sinister presence that haunts the home of the protagonist and can only be destroyed by her.

Who will star in the series?

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The series will expand the Universe of the Immortals from Interview with the Vampire
Source: Epipoca

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