Sunday, January 29, 2023
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Wolf Pack is a series “about the environment”, says Rodrigo Santoro at CCXP22

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the brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro was present at CCXP22 this Sunday, the last day of the event and promoted his new series herd of wolves???????? coming from Teenage wolf.

According to him, the series also has a side that deals with environmental issues.

“And above all, one important thing is that the series talks about environmental issues. It takes place in Los Angeles, California with the fires happening every year.

“Basically, the series talks a little bit about the consequences of this separation that man has made from Nature”.

Douglas Silva and Rodrigo Santoro in Altas Horas (Play/Globe)
Douglas Silva and Rodrigo Santoro in Altas Horas (Play/Globe)

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The actor was one of the attractions of this Sunday (4) at the event
Source: Epipoca

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