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The Last of Us scene only happened due to a BIZARRE mistake

The second episode of The Last of Us primarily focused on Joel’s journey (Peter Pascal), Eli (Bella Ramsey) and Tess (Anna Torv), to find a group known as the Fireflies. To do so, they took many perils as they traversed a ravaged Boston.

At one point, the trio had to walk through an abandoned building. The place was flooded, as well as infested with plants and animals. But what caught the attention of the audience was a frog on top of a piano.

To the Twitterone of the creators of The Last of Us, Neil Druckman, shared that the scene would have been very different. Originally the idea was that a seagull would eat the frog, but the bird didn’t follow through with the scene plans.

“The healthy piano frog would be something… if the piano bird did its job! I think everything happens for a reason. #The Last of Us. (And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion…that’s a fake frog for the bird to eat-which he didn’t!!!)

Fans react to The Last of Us Pianist Frog

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A new “actor” has become a fan favorite of the series
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