Ahsoka: Why does Grand Admiral Thrawn go to Dathomir?

The series Ahsokashowed that Grand Admiral Thrawn spent a lot of time on Peridea planning his return to the main galaxy of Star Wars.

However, instead of reporting directly to the Remnant of the Empire, Thrawn decided to make his first stop on the planet Dathomir.

The union of Thrawn and the Nightsisters was extremely beneficial, as they managed to defeat the heroes and leave Peridea.

Thrawn goes to Dathomir because it is the home of the Nightsisters

Dathomir is a red, arid planet located in the main Star Wars galaxy. It is the home of the Nightsisters, descendants of the Nightsisters of Peridea.

Morgan Elsbeth, a Nightsister of Dathomir, was able to hear the call of the Great Mothers even though she was in another galaxy. After Morgan’s death, the Great Mothers accompanied Thrawn to the main Star Wars galaxy.

It is reasonable to assume that they wish to return to Dathomir, since no other allies or Nightsisters have been shown in the Great Mothers’ coven on Peridea.

Because of all the help he has received from the witches, the least Thrawn could do for them would be to take them to where there are other witch clans.

What does Grand Admiral Thrawn have in mind on Dathomir?

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Thrawn is known for his tactical prowess and for always being one step ahead of his enemies.

He is willing to learn from his mistakes, and one of his few failures was his lack of understanding of the power of the Force and the will of a Jedi.

By returning the Great Mothers to Dathomir and thus restoring the strength of his coven, Thrawn can have an army of Force users at his side to resurrect the Empire.

The Great Mothers have already proven their usefulness in war situations, reviving soldiers to stop Ahsoka and her friends.

Dathomir, due to its strategic and remote location in the galaxy, could be an ideal place for Thrawn to hide and plan his next moves.

Ahsoka’s ending showed that Thrawn is just getting started and that the New Republic will soon have several new problems on its hands.

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Thrawn is an excellent strategist and one of Star Wars’ greatest villains.
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