Who is the actress who plays Jordan Li in Gen V?

Gen Vthe spin-off of The boys, featured a group of young people with superpowers. Among these young Supes is Jordan Li.

Jordan Li has one of the most peculiar powers in the series, as he can change gender at will and each has their own powers.

As a man, Jordan Li gains super strength and super endurance. When she is a woman, she has impressive agility and is capable of releasing energy through her hands.

Both versions of Jorand Li are played by the actress London Thor and by the actor Derek Luh.

London Thor

London Thor as Jordan Li in a scene from the Gen V series (Playback/Prime Video)
London Thor as Jordan Li in a scene from the Gen V series (Playback/Prime Video)

The Korean-American actress was born on February 9, 1997. According to the Loopersone of London Thor’s first roles was in the television series The Rolling Soldierin 2015, where she played Sadie Flynn in three episodes.

In 2016, the actress joined the series Shameless as Olivia, and remained in the role until 2018. In 2017, she played an artist in Lady Bird: It’s time to fly.

London was chosen as part of the You in 2021, the hit series of Netflixwhere she brought the character of Stephanie to life.

In 2022, he was part of another hit Netflix series, I never…where she played the character Stella.

Outside of acting, he directed the short film Moments and wrote the short Different places.

In an interview for Weekly entertainmentthe actress commented the following about being in the Gen V series and sharing a role with Derek Luh.

“When we met it was like an immediate click: we both had similar thoughts. We were both open to talking about each other’s character and opinions. We built this character from scratch.”

Derek Luh

Derek Luh as Jordan Li in a scene from the Gen V series (Playback/Prime Video)

Born on June 24, 1992, Derek Luh is best known for his work as a songwriter and hip-hop singer. He has toured and collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and French Montana.

His first acting job was there Fugitivesfrom the wonder, a series that debuted in 2019, where he played Brayden. In 2021, he played Jack Allen Everyone standing.

In 2022 he was part of the series Shining Valley, where he played Ryan He. Second ColliderLuh had this to say about being in the Gen V series and portraying college life:

“They did a great job of showing how absolutely crazy it is to be a college student at any time, but especially now because everything is recorded. Everything can end up on social media.”

The series Gen V is available on First Video.

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