What is Fifth Generation Forest?

The spin-off of the series The boystitled Gen V, brings with it an intriguing new mystery called The Forest. But what exactly is The Forest and the secrets it holds?

The Forest in Generation V is a secret human experimentation facility. Vought, the company responsible, holds young superheroes captive and carries out brutal tests

The history and purpose of the tests at the facility are still unknown, but there is speculation that Vought wants to create more powerful supers.

How does Gen V introduce The Forest?

Sam (Asa Germann) in Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)
Sam (Asa Germann) in Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)

In Gen V, viewers are introduced to The Forest as a secret facility located at Godolkin University, owned by Vought. There, young superheroes are held captive and subjected to brutal tests.

It has not yet been explained why the facility received this name, but the narrative makes it clear that Vought uses The Forest to experiment, modify and control its Supes.

The Forest can be seen through Sam’s point of view (Asa Germann), whose view outside the cell is a wall with forest wallpaper.

What mysteries about the Forest remain open in Generation V?

Emma (Lizze Broadway) in Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)

Gen V leaves several questions unanswered regarding The Forest. It is not known what the exact purpose of the tests carried out at the facility is or who exactly the prisoners held there are.

It is believed that Vought is trying to create even more powerful superheroes or modify Compound V in their systems.

The history of the Forest has also not been fully explored, but it is likely that it is a recent addition to Vought’s secret activities, indicating that there is still much to discover about this dark place.

Who knows about the existence of the Forest in the fifth generation?

Rich Brinkerhoff (Clancy Brown) in Fifth Generation (play/Prime Video)

There are many people who have knowledge about The Forest in Gen V. Among these, Ashley Barrett (Colbie Minife), CEO of Vought.

Others who know the place include Godolkin University employees like Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn), Polarity Polarity (Sean Patrick Thomas)

The students who discovered the secret installation are Andre (Perdomo case), Polarity’s son, and Luke (Patrick Schwarzenegger), who wants to free his brother Sam, at any cost. And Emma too (Lizze Broadway).

However, knowing of the existence of the Forest is something very dangerously lethal, so much so that Andre and Emma ended up in danger in an attempt to invade the place and save Sam.

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Godolkin University is not just a place to train a new generation of Supes.
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