Gen V: Every Supe has the same weakness

The series Gen Vrecently premiered on First Videorevealed as Billy Brutus (Carlo Urbano) and his companions can defeat Supes with ease.

In the second episode of the first season of Gen Vdemonstrated that young Supes have a sensitivity to sounds, just like dogs.

While investigating The Forest, Andre Anderson (Perdomo case) is captured by a soldier who uses a sonic weapon to paralyze him.

The soldier says that every Supe has this weakness, and apparently it is stronger in the young or new generation after Homeland (Anthony Starr).

Every super has its weakness

Additionally, each Supe develops their own weakness in addition to the super power that comes from the Vought serum.

Second Loopersas explained in the first two episodes of The boysFrench (Tomer Capone) and Billy point out that each super has a different weakness that must be learned and exploited to defeat it.

However, as the series progressed, it was shown that it took more than just exploiting each Supe’s weaknesses to defeat them, including becoming a Supe.

However, the use of sound remains the most effective way to put a Supe out of combat, even temporarily.

With this, Brutus and his team could simply use sonic weapons to defeat powerful enemies.

The boys have shown weakness before

Homeland Captain (Antony Starr) and Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) in a scene from The Boys (Playback/Prime Video)
Homeland Captain (Antony Starr) and Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) in a scene from The Boys (Playback/Prime Video)

However, some fans of the series may be confused by the sudden introduction of this weakness, but there was an indication of it in the second season of The boys.

At the end of season 2, Brutus and his team implement a plan to distract Captain Homeland and Storm (Aya Cash) long enough to save Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) from Captain Patria’s hut.

As Storm’s secret past called her to fight with other Supes, a speaker tower made a noise that forced Homeland to come to her.

The adult Supe apparently proved more resistant to the sounds, perhaps because he had been through the experience multiple times.

In turn, Ryan seemed to feel a lot of pain in his ears, so much so that Becca (Shantel VanSanten), had to put headphones on the young man to block out the noise.

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The Prime Video series may have revealed how Billy Brutus can stop Captain Homeland and other Supes.
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