Wheel of Time Season 2 Final Recap

The second season of The Wheel of Time reaches its emotional conclusion, bringing with it a big battle and impactful moments for the main characters.

Check out a recap of the events at the end of the season below, highlighting the key moments and twists that occur in Falme.

The final episode of the season is marked by a major battle in Falme, in which several plots intertwine. The Seanchan have dominated the city and the White Cloaks have decided that they must be defeated by marching towards them.

Defending Falme are the Seanchan army and damane, including Egwene, who launch powerful magical fireballs from a tower. However, these attacks end up causing harm to civilians, which horrifies Egwene and creates a moral dilemma.

Rand is traveling with Lanfear, Moiraine, and Lan, but before they reach Falme, Lanfear betrays Moiraine, abandoning them on a beach. While they try to discover his location, Lanfear takes Rand directly to Falme.

Meanwhile, Nynaeve is organizing a rescue operation in Falme, having captured a Seanchan sul’dam. She disguises herself as a sul’dam and the sul’dam disguises herself as a damane, however, their progress is interrupted by the start of the battle.

The character Mat plays an important role in this episode, as Ishamael tries to convince him to take the enchanted dagger from the previous season. Mat does not fall into the trap and, using the dagger attached to a piece of wood, manages to escape his imprisonment.

Perrin also has a small role in this episode. He enters Falme with his Aiel companions and encounters Loial, who has somehow escaped from the Seanchan and stolen The Trumpet of Valere. Together, Perrin and Loial attempt to escape the city, but become separated from Mat before he can reach the tower to help Egwene.

The Seanchan Army in the Wheel of Time (Play/Prime Video)
The Seanchan Army in the Wheel of Time (Play/Prime Video)

Faced with Seanchan soldiers on a bridge, Mat uses the horn to call for help and manages to reach the tower where Egwene is trapped. There, Egwene frees herself from her captor, Renna, strangles her, and is rescued by Rand.

However, Ishamael blocks their path, knocks out Egwene, and prevents Rand from using his powers with the help of the damane on a ship. Moiraine, who was on the beach, attacks the Seanchan ships with fire magic, freeing Rand. She then kills Ishamael and Moiraine summons powerful fire magic in dragon form to proclaim Rand as the Dragon Reborn.

Eventually, Lanfear appears at a villain’s base, revealing that he has awakened other Forsworn who are now searching for Rand.

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A great battle marked the end of the season.
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