What does it take for a new The Boys spin-off to happen?

The boys it turned out to be a real success First Video even with the market saturated with productions based on superhero comics.

Thanks to the success, The boys won its first spin-off, the animated series The boys present: Diabolico. Now the second derivative is on display, Gen V.

Gen V It satisfied audiences and critics, even though it is a story set in a university, it has an adult plot full of twists.

Therefore, fans should hope that new spin-offs emerge in the future. But the manufacturer of Gen V AND Diabolical certain that a new program will only emerge if it is truly worth it.

What it takes to make a new spin-off of The Boys

The Captain of the Homeland (Antony Starr) and Luz-Estrela (Erin Moriarty) in a scene from The Boys (Disclosure/Amazon Studios)

In an interview for the comic booksPavun Shetty shared that other stories from The Boys are only worth exploring if they are worth telling.

“We’re lucky that fans love the series so much and that there’s real anticipation for Generation Five, and there are a lot of characters to build around. There are a lot of different areas of books in different time periods that we could really benefit from. But I think the most important thing for us is to be really diligent and thoughtful about what we do next,” Shetty began.

“We would love to have more shows, but I think audiences are very savvy and sophisticated, and I think they understand when there’s a reason to put out a show for the right reasons and there’s a real story to tell and it seems like the same world, but different.”.

Shetty explained that fans feel when a show is made without a purpose and making this kind of show can alienate the audience.

“I think they can feel when it’s just a show for its own sake, and then we’re really thinking about what the next show could be and how it can be thoughtful and fit into the universe and it feels like it’s a puzzle piece. It fits well.” , it fits in with everything else, but it’s not just a series in itself.”

Filming for the fourth season of The boys were completed earlier this year, however, there is no official release date yet.

Pavun Shetty is also responsible for the new series of Goose bumpswhich will debut on October 13th Disney+.

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The producer said that fans know when a series is made without a purpose.
Source: Epipoca


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