How Gen V tackles serious topics even in an exaggerated world

Much The boys How much Gen V shows a world far from the popular imagination of superheroes.

But while both series show violent and funny scenes, the programs try to talk about serious topics.

In the first episode of Gen Va student uses Emma (Lizze Broadway) just to satisfy you sexually.

While in the fourth episode, Marie (Jaz Sinclair) explodes a student’s penis when he realizes that she will be raped by him.

The situations were inspired by real events

In an interview for Varietyexecutive producers Eric Kripke and Michele Fazekas said that these situations were inspired by real situations.

Fazekas, for example, explained that some scenes come from the writers’ bad experiences. Gen V while they were in college.

[Essas cenas vieram] from a lot of women in my room of writers who went to college and who had these shitty experiences with guys in college where you think, “Is this guy a predator? Feeling insecure. That’s where he comes from, young women going to college. We never start with the scandalous thing, we always start with the story.”

Balancing heavy themes with an exaggerated and dark world

Emma (Lizze Broadway) in a scene from Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)
Emma (Lizze Broadway) in a scene from Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)

Gen V it also features heavy themes such as self-harm and eating disorders. Also in the interview, Eric Kripke and Michele Fazekas explained how they approach these issues.

“You have to treat your characters with empathy and humanity. In life there is hangman’s humor and people joke in order to deal with the situation. The person may be funny, but the thing that he’s going through is not funny and you can never approach it as just a joke,” Kripke said.

He added: “You have to think about how the character would really feel about it. You can get into the real things that real people are going through. Is there any sarcastic dialogue in the series? Yes, but The Boys universe is not like a Joss Whedon universe, where everything is fun and lighthearted.”

Fazekas continued: “We talked to experts on the subject of people who cut and people who have eating disorders and mental disorders, and we wanted to know all the information, because you need to know it and be aware of it before you start.”

“It’s not just jokes for jokes’ sake: ‘Eating disorders are hilarious.’ The first time you see Emma throw up, she has her purse and she does this whole ritual that she does every time, and it’s very real. We don’t take it lightly,” she concluded.

A new episode of Gen V arrives every Friday at First Video.

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