After a busy season, Virgin River will have a lighter and funnier special

The fifth season of virgin river The situation has been particularly bleak so far. While many mysteries remain about Mel’s biological father, a forest fire threatens to destroy everything.

However, the program will put the dramas aside for a moment and focus on lighter stories through end-of-year specials. According to the executive producer Patrick Sean Smith, The special will be divided into two parts and will arrive in November.

According to Digital spyin an interview with Glamour, the executive producer said: “The special episodes are a little lighter and we wanted to do a little more comedy after the weight of this season.”

“It seemed like if we were going to give the public a Christmas present, let’s make it fun. So some of what Mel and Jack are going through in these two episodes AND like the treasure hunt in Virgin River in an attempt to track down the man who is his biological father. They are going from track to track.”

But not everything will be joy

Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda and Martin Henderson as Jack in Virgin River (Disclosure/Netflix)
Alexandra Breckenridge as Melinda and Martin Henderson as Jack in Virgin River (Disclosure/Netflix)

However, some heavy topics will still be covered in the special. Like the case of Wes’ body recently discovered.

Patrick Sean Semith said fans don’t have to wait until season 6 to see how this will affect two characters.

“We’ll get a resolution on what this means for Preacher and we’ll get an idea of ​​how complicated it will be for his relationship with Kaia,” Smith said.

The story will jump forward in time to Virgin River

Sarah Dugdale as Lizzie in a scene from Virgin River (Disclosure / Netflix)

Also in the interview, the executive producer said that the special episodes will undergo a time jump, which will help set the stage for the sixth season.

“The time jump helps us. As we start with the special episodes, we see that the relationships between Brie and Mike, and Brady and Lark, have solidified a bit… as well as a side of Lark we haven’t seen yet. And it can be a little surprising.”

“We joke about it. We said, ‘Let’s skip seven seasons of Virgin River!’ That said, I think there are still a lot of surprises to come in the special episodes leading up to season six. It’s definitely not just a special, but it’s still tied into the stories of the series,” Smith added.

The producer also said that the audience may not get exactly what they expect, but there will be twists that will leave everyone excited for the sixth season.

The episodes of virgin river they are available on Netflix.

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Virgin River manufacturer releases details of end-of-year specials.
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