Moon Knight director reveals which Avenger he would have wanted in the series

Knight of the Moon seems to be the series most separated from the other productions of the wonderas he does not have the presence of any other character in the MCU.

Although Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac) did not receive help from any other hero, the series director revealed that he wanted a specific Avenger to appear by surprise.

Mohamed Diab wanted Hulk in Moon Knight

According to the website comic booksMohamed Diab said he hoped to put Hulk (Marco Ruffalo) on the Series.

He explained that it would be an interesting dynamic to see two characters with split personalities interact.

“For me, I was very curious what would happen, I would love to include Hulk in the equation. Why? Because Hulk has two personalities. And Moon Knight has two personalities.

“Imagine that you two can be friends and it’s confusing: you’re friends with this one and you don’t like the other one. The complicated relationship and who can be friends with whom among the four.

Mark Ruffalo as Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War (Play/Marvel)
Mark Ruffalo as Hulk in Avengers: Infinity War (Play/Marvel)

In addition to the heroes, the director wanted there to be villains in Moon Knight’s story

Diab also revealed that in addition to Hulk’s presence in the series, he wanted to see how Marc Spector would deal with the villains.

The director quoted Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan) and Thanos (Josh Brolin), as favorites.

“I really like Kilmonger and I like Thanos because I love gray characters. I don’t like black and white. I love deep characters. I did my best with this character (Arthur Harrow), and by the way, this character is completely fictional. Marvel likes to create a character and then we give them a name.

“There is a character called Arthur Harrow in the world of Moon Knight, but the truth is that this character, with the idea that he touches people and knows everything, was completely invented by Sara and me, entirely from our imaginations. So, I was very proud that he was a deep character. He doesn’t kill anyone; He kills bad guys.

The episodes of Knight of the Moon they are inside Disney+. It is not yet known whether the series will continue or whether the hero will appear in other MCU productions.

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In addition to a hero, Mohamed Diab also wanted the presence of some famous villains.
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