Riverdale’s finale would have been much more ambitious, but the idea was nixed

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasathe showrunner of Riverdalerevealed the initial plan for the show’s seventh and final season.

The program premiered in late August, showing that many of the main characters were dead.

The plot focused on showing Betty (Lili Reinhart) remembering his last days of high school.

Furthermore, over the course of the episodes, it is revealed how the lives of several of Betty’s friends went and even how they died.

Riverdale would have more time travel

In an interview for the TVLineRoberto Aguirre-Sacasa shared the seventh season of Riverdale there would be multiple time jumps, spanning from 1950 to the present day, but the idea was scrapped.

“Early on, when we pitched the season, one of the ideas we pitched was that the first 13 episodes would be set in the 1950s, and from episode 14 onwards, we would start moving forward in time. So episode 14 would be set in the 60s, episode 15 would be set in the 70s, and then the 80s, 90s… up to the present day.”

“It was clear [que] he was not in the kingdom. [Já tínhamos feito] a more elaborate time travel, time-jump plot. The writers and the cast and crew, we had so much fun in the ’50s… We thought let’s keep telling the domestic, personal, romantic coming-of-age stories that we told, and then bring everyone back at the end.

Riverdale ends with divided opinions

Through Betty’s point of view, the character travels back in time with the help of an angelic version of Jughead (Cole Sprouse). Betty chooses to go back to the day of her senior year when her group receives their yearbooks.

However, the time travel that is supposed to hold great memories ends up turning sour when he discovers how many of his friends will die. It is also revealed that Betty, Veronica (Camila Mendes), Jughead and Archie (KJ Apa) they live in a foursome relationship, but it doesn’t last

According to Screen triggeringalthough some revelations received some praise, others felt it was an easy out for a series that prioritized “shipping and the differences between each couple”.

However, it offered a tribute to the town of Riverdale and the people who live there, as well as consecrating the adaptation of the Archie Comics comics.

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The showrunner of the series shared the original idea for the final season of the series.
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