Gen V: Can Tek Knight be compared to Batman?

Robert Vernon (Derek Wilson), Tek Knight, known as the “world’s dumbest detective,” is a controversial figure in the series Gen Vthe derivative of The boys.

Thanks to his investigative skills and ability to get confessions from people, many fans have wondered if he can really be compared to the iconic Batman.

Find out more about Tek Knight Gen V compared to its comic version. The boys.

Who is Tek Knight in Generation V?

Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) in a scene from Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)
Tek Knight (Derek Wilson) in a scene from Gen V (Playback/Prime Video)

In the universe of Gen V, Tek Knight does not have advanced armor nor is he a knight. He’s actually a Supe turned host of a true crime show on Vought+.

He abandoned his corporate-funded superhero career to devote himself to television, which was also corporate-backed.

Tek Knight is known for his impressive deduction skills, which he uses to satisfy his own selfish interests.

Its power is to notice changes in behavior and other almost imperceptible things that normal eyes might not see, and thus know whether the person is lying, nervous or telling the truth. He’s like a walking lie detector.

During an interview with Marie Moreau, he suspects that one of the university’s best students has information about the Golden Boy’s death and tries to uncover the truth.

However, during his investigation, he comes across compromising information about himself, including security camera footage showing his reprehensible actions. As a result, he drops the case.

Who is Tek Knight in the comics?

Tek Knight in The Boys comics (reproduction)

In the comic series The boys, Tek Knight wears technologically advanced armor, which grants him superhuman strength, flight ability and other powers. It is a satire of superheroes, including Iron Man and Batman.

Unlike other heroes, his abilities are mostly driven by technology, not Compound V. He is a founding member of Payback, but doesn’t receive as much attention from the main heroes.

In the version Gen VTek Knight shares the characteristic of being a sex addict due to a brain tumor.

In the comics, he believes he sacrificed himself to save the Earth from a meteor by having sex with it. However, he tragically dies in an accident with a runaway wagon.

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The character caused a lot of discomfort among students at Godolkin University.
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