The Walking Dead: How are the zombie variants made?

The series The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon is a spin-off of the franchise Walking Dead which takes place in France, where the main character, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), gets involved in the problems and politics of the European post-apocalypse.

For the entire series of Walking Deadseveral variations of walkers or zombies have been presented.

While some variants appear to arise naturally by adapting to the environment in which they live, others are created artificially. And the spin-off series reveals details about the creation of zombie variants.

The variations are man-made

The Walking Dead Series Opening Scene: Daryl Dixon (Replay)
The Walking Dead Series Opening Scene: Daryl Dixon (Replay)

Second Screen triggeringover the course of the series, Daryl Dixon discovers that some variants of zombies do not arise naturally, being created by man.

In episode three of the TWD spin-off, a scientist is shown performing experiments on a zombie, demonstrating his super strength.

This scene suggests that the villain Genet’s organization has a plan to improve the zombies’ abilities by injecting them with something.

However, the success of this process is not guaranteed, which indicates that creating zombie variants is a complex and risky task.

Decapitated zombie heads are involved

Walker in a scene from The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon (Playback)

Another shocking revelation was made in episode five of the program, there is a flashback showing a laboratory with cages full of zombies.

In one of the scenes you can see a zombie chained to the wall and a decapitated zombie head in a jar. This same scene is also revisited in another episode.

These scenes lead to speculation that the use of decapitated zombie heads may be related to the creation of a serum that transforms zombies into variants.

Other methods of creating variations

Mutant zombie in a scene from The Walking Dead: Dead City (Replay)

Although the revelations of Daryl Dixon have provided important clues, it is suggested that there are other methods for creating zombie variants than those presented by Genet.

The existence of zombie variants in the United States indicates that someone has also experimented with creating these creatures.

This suggests that Genet’s methods have already been discovered in the United States or that there is a further explanation for the existence of these variants that has not yet been revealed.

The T seriesThe Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon revealed intriguing information about the creation of zombie variants.

However, there is still a lot to discover about the origins and methods of creating the zombie variants. Viewers should be eager to find out more details about this mystery.

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More and more zombie mysteries emerge in The Walking Dead franchise.
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