The director will follow the “recipe” of Game of Thrones to avoid complaints about the Godzilla series

One of the biggest complaints among MonsterVerse fans is that the films fail to find the balance between human character development and monster development.

As for the characters, there is another problem which is not showing how they really feel, especially regarding the horror of seeing a city destroyed by a giant monster.

And in an interview for Collider, Matt ShakmanDirector of Monarch: Monster Legacyshared that the series will solve one of the most common problems in the Monsterverse.

Provide emotions and perspectives

Kurt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)
Kurt Russell in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)

According to the director, the 10-episode series will focus much more on the human characters, developing characters who “convey emotion” and provide “the perspective of people on the ground.”

“People were very excited. What [os co-desenvolvedores] Chris [Black] and Matt [Fraction] prepared was exciting for everyone. This attracted me. I was incredibly excited about the story. It looked new. I think everyone understood that when you tell a series, when you do a drama series with more than 10 episodes, you have to be completely invested in these characters.

“So their approach was to really tell a monster story from the perspective of the people on the ground, which is something I’ve enjoyed doing in game of Thrones Also. I’m much more interested in what’s happening with the Lannister army on the ground being burned and how that’s changing the war. It’s the same way of trying to understand what it’s like to be the people of San Francisco while the monsters pass by.”

New way to drive the story

Anna Sawai in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)

Matt Shakman added on the importance of driving the story through the perspective of the human characters.

“Sometimes films, which are incredible, focus on a higher altitude; they have to do with Kong versus Godzilla. So we needed to create characters that take you through that story, that you love and that you care about and that you worry about, and that also convey the emotion of what’s happening in the upper atmosphere, but more from the point of view of people on earth.

“They broke it down beautifully. They had a very new way of entering. I think everyone was excited about it from the beginning, the people at Apple, the people at Toho, the people at Legendary, and they’re all incredible partners.

Monarch: Monster Legacy arrives on Apple TV+ on November 17th.

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The director explained from which point of view the plot of the series will be guided.
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