One Piece: the producer makes a controversial statement on anime adaptations and explains Netflix’s success

Apparently One Piece: the series broke the curse that drives many live-action anime to failure. The Netflix show based on the work of Eiichiro Oda It was very well received by audiences and critics.

This came at the right time, after all Netflix has had two previous failures death Note 2017 and the program Cowboy bebop 2021. With the success of One Piece: the seriesNetflix may feel more confident in its future releases as Avatars AND Yu-Yu-Hakusho.

Despite this, the manufacturer Steve Maeda believes that not all manga and anime should become live-action. However, he explained that what led to the success of A piece it was the team’s commitment and desire to see certain moments seen from a realistic point of view.

Success where many have failed

Peter Gadiot as Shanks and Steven Ward as Mihawk in One Piece: The Series (Disclosure/Netflix)
Peter Gadiot as Shanks and Steven Ward as Mihawk in One Piece: The Series (Disclosure/Netflix)

In an interview for the comic booksSteven Maeda confessed that there is indeed a problem with seeing real people playing iconic characters.

However, the producer said he knew he was on the right track with the live-action film. A piece because of one emotional scene in particular.

“I think with One Piece in particular for me, I just wanted to see some of those scenes. I wanted to see those sets and I wanted to see those ships and those moments and feel that emotion. The first time I saw the scene of Shanks handing the Straw Hat to Luffy, which is a big part of the second episode, I was moved and thought, ‘Okay, we’re doing something right.'”

So, Maeda said that not all animation needs live action, but if that happens, the team has to commit to really doing their best.

“For me at least, it felt like there was something really special that we had explored. And so I think, again, not every show needs to have a live-action adaptation. Not all of the underlying manga or anime need to be made into live-action.

“That being said, if you can find a way to do it, I think it will broaden the audience and bring people to the other versions, that people should read the manga, they should watch the anime, but here’s also a version made with love, affection and a lot of money, perhaps to present it to the world for the first time.

A Netflix already renewed One Piece: the series for the second season.

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One Piece could change the way live action is done in the future
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