Netflix announces the end of Elite and the public celebrates

About to launch the seventh season of EliteTHE Netflix announced that it had renewed the series for eighth and final season.

On social media the public commented on the announcement of the streaming service. Most of the comments show that many are happy with the end of the series.

Farewell party

To the X/TwitterSocial network users shared comments about how the series lasted too long and that Netflix renews bad series too quickly.

“I can’t believe this hottie will have 8 seasons! It was only good until season 2.

“Anitta just arrived and has already destroyed the future of the series. Everything that flops.”

“They could have stopped at 2nd place and not canceled The Society.”

“It never ends????”

“It’s over with season three, nephew, let me know.”

There were also those who expected the return of characters who left the series in the first seasons. While others have hinted at what the final season might look like.

“If you brought back the originals and did something very slasher to cover up the rubbish, that would be really cool.”

“Another season of stuffed sausages that GNT loves. I think it’s fitting that all the original cast members return for the last one.”

“Bring Mencia and Rebeka back, because we want Menbeka’s ending and also our dear Patrick, because he deserves a happy ending, outside: and the old characters from the first season, the legends Lu and Nadia, have everything to end well” .

In the meantime Instagram, the comments were no different. Although fans still want to see the end of the story.

“It was supposed to end in season three, when the end of the story ended.”

“It should be over already, the famous ‘talk bad and move on’ I will continue to follow until the end LOL.”

“Last season? Did I hear an amen? Ha ha ha ha ha.”


“Sex education, which should have been at least 3 more, ended up on 4. This Netflix is ​​truly a joke.”

“Netinha takes everyone from season one to the elite season finale.”

Information on the seventh season of Elite

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The seventh season of Elite debuts October 20th. In the plot, Omar begins a new student life away from Las Encinas, but continues to feel guilty over Samuel’s death. The seventh season of Elite will talk about mental health and how many people neglect it, out of fear or ignorance.

The cast includes André Lamoglia, Valentina Zenere, Carla Díaz, Martina Cariddi, Adam Nourou and Manu Ríos.

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Some series last too long, while others end too soon.
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