What is there in common between The Fall of the House of Usher and Blue Bloods?

Much The Fall of House Usher How much Blue blood present family dilemmas and both productions have something in common: family meals.

The Usher family holds few meetings, but secrets are revealed during a tense dinner. The Reagan family is known for its weekly dinners, during which startling revelations occur.

Family dinners are always complicated

Scene from The Fall of the House of Usher (Play/Netflix)
Scene from The Fall of the House of Usher (Play/Netflix)

In both productions, family meals become complicated and tense moments.

The Ushers, protagonists of the series The Fall of House Usher, have a troubled family dynamic. Meetings between members of this family are rare due to the intense disagreements that exist between them.

In an evocative dinner scene, Roderick Usher, the patriarch of the family, reveals that he has gathered everyone to find out who is leaking information about his pharmaceutical company’s illegal activities. This moment reveals the profound differences and conflicts present in the Usher family dynamics.

Already inside Blue blood, a series that follows the routine of the Reagan family, family dinners are a weekly tradition. These meetings are a moment of togetherness and relaxation, however, behind this seemingly harmonious scenario, secrets are hidden that are revealed during the course of the plot.

References to famous paintings

Scene from Blue Bloods (Play/CBS)

Second Loopersalthough the Ushers only had dinner together once, this specific scene references Last Supperan iconic painting by Leonardo da Vinci.

The depiction of the Usher dinner refers to this work, adding a symbolic layer to the tale. This reference suggests the tension and impending tragic fate of the characters.

On the other hand, the inspiration for the Reagan family dinners comes from a famous painting by Norman Rockwell titled Freedom from want.

This work portrays a happy family gathered around the dining table, conveying a feeling of harmony and love. Reagan dinners also try to create this feeling of togetherness and connection.

Thus, these dinners, whether the Usher Last Supper or the enactment of the family ideal at the Reagan dinners, provide an unusual connection between these two fictional families.

Both stories explore the importance of family life and reveal the complexities found in the most intimate relationships.

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Revelations and tensions occur at specific moments in both series
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