The director is closing the doors on the Harry Potter series

The franchise Harry Potter will get a new life through a series for HBO. And the director David Yates he said he will work on the program.

Yates was responsible for directing four films Harry Potter and three films by Fantastic animals.

It seems his experience with the wizarding world isn’t enough to keep him in the franchise. According to comic booksHe said:

He wants to know? I honestly couldn’t, in any way imaginable, get involved. It’s simple: I spent a lot of time in that school, in those corridors and in those classrooms, and it was an extraordinary experience that I will always cherish. But to come back and do another year or two, for me, I feel like I left it. Being in the back of a van with the [produtor] Lawrence [Grey] to Atlanta from Savannah, walking around trying to make a play, to me, right now, is more appealing than walking through the hallowed gates of Hogwarts.”

He added: “I wish this program much success, it will be amazing to see them re-explore what they can be for the next generation. I think it will be a challenge for everyone involved, but it is a very exciting undertaking and I wish him the best. It was an incredible experience for me and I know the other directors involved, and it will be for the next generation of directors“.

Until now the Warner Bros.. did not provide details about the series Harry Potter or when it will debut.

After the negative reviews and the failure of Fantastic animalsthe studio needs to pay more attention to the production of the series.

Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Replay)
Scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (Replay)

What is David Yates doing now?

Currently, David Yates is the director of Mafia pain (Pain dealers), released on 20 October in UK cinemas. The feature film will premiere on October 27 on Netflix.

According to the synopsis, Liza Drake is a working-class single mother who has just lost her job and is at her wits’ end.

However, a chance meeting with pharmaceutical sales representative Pete Brenner puts her on an economically upward, but ethically dubious trajectory, as she becomes involved in a dangerous extortion scheme.

Confronting an increasingly distraught boss, her daughter’s worsening medical condition, and a growing awareness of the devastation the company is suffering forces Liza to reconsider her choices.

The cast includes Chris Evans, Emily Blunt, Chloe Coleman AND Andy Garcia.

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David Yates has explained why he hasn’t directed a series in the Harry Potter franchise.
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