Stranger Things: The series is already affected by the strike, says the director

The director of Stranger things, Shawn Levy, revealed that the popular Netflix series is already affected by the strike currently under negotiation. Levy, who is also working on another series and a mystery Star Warsexpressed concern about the future of production.

The professional is currently promoting All the light we can’t seea series based on a book that tells the story of a blind girl in Nazi-occupied France, but she ended up talking in an interview about her hit series, which will be in its fifth and final season.

When asked about the importance of Stranger things in order for the negotiations for the actors’ and screenwriters’ strike to end, he avoided responding for the streaming service.

“I can’t speak to how important Stranger Things is to Netflix in the strike negotiations, and I’m not inclined to speak on their behalf. I can confidently say that I think every actor, director, producer, writer and crew member wants to get back to work,” he began.

Finn Wolfhard as Mike in Stranger Things (Play/Netflix)

Stranger Things Key piece for Netflix

“I think Stranger Things is a real flagship franchise for the Netflix brand, and everyone there is eager to make the next season as well. However, none of this can happen without a fair and equitable agreement. I say a little prayer that I’ll get back to work as soon as this piece is performed.”

The series has become a huge hit since its debut in 2016, garnering a loyal fan base around the world. Fans are eagerly awaiting the next season and with the actors now adults, it is speculated that an even longer period of time will be needed to adjust to their age.

“We’ve already seen the cast of our series grow in the eyes of the audience, and between the ages of 12 and 22, every human being changes profoundly. This passage of time certainly doesn’t help. That said, our hair, makeup and wardrobe department is truly exceptional, using costumes, wigs and makeup. The ’80s are also our friend as these young adult actors return to their iconic Hawkins characters. We therefore use all the tools at our disposal. And I know our cast is as eager to get back to work as the rest of us.

Shawn Levy

Concern about the increase in hate speech and anti-Semitism

Levy also expressed concern about the rise of hate speech and anti-Semitism around the world. Amid recent events of intolerance, he has highlighted the importance of promoting inclusive and diverse stories, both in Stranger Things and in his future projects. The director believes that the entertainment industry has the power to influence and bring positive messages to the audience.

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