Bodies: Why the series became a Netflix favorite

The miniseries Bodieswhich adapts the 2014 comic of the same name, won over audiences Netflix with its intriguing and mysterious plot.

The plot follows four London police detectives in different time periods, all involved in investigating the same body found in the same place.

With clues leading them to a conspiracy that has lasted for centuries, the TV adaptation captivates viewers with constant plot twists and endearing characters.

The cast includes Jacob Fortune-Lloyd AS Charlie Whitemann, Shira Haas AS Iris Maplewood, Amaka Okafor AS Shahara Hasan e Kyle Soller AS Alfred Hillinghead.

The gripping plot that spans different eras

Amaka Okafor as Shahara Hasan in Bodies (Disclosure/Netflix)
Amaka Okafor as Shahara Hasan in Bodies (Disclosure/Netflix)

The series Bodies begins in the present, following detective Shahara Hasan, who during a police chase, discovers a naked body on the ground.

From that moment on, the narrative takes a leap into the past, specifically to the years 1941 and 1890, in which several detectives also come across the same corpse.

Finally, the audience moves to the future, to 2053, where Detective Maplewood is the last to discover the body in a world ruled by the oppressors known as the Executive.

Complex characters and institutional obstacles

Over the course of the plot, the four detectives face the institutional opposition of their respective times when they investigate the unidentified body.

Although series creator Paul Tomalin prioritized plot twists and the plot itself, each of the eight one-hour episodes allowed for character development. Each protagonist has a complex personal life, with Shahara Hasan standing out as a Muslim single mother and daughter of immigrants.

The other detectives also bring unique characteristics, such as Hillinghead, a gay man in a time when homosexuality was rejected.

In turn, Whiteman, a Jew who needs to hide his religion. While Maplewood, who has an unspecified disability, was treated with a high-tech spinal implant provided by the government.

The mysterious presence of Elias Mannix

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Kyle Soller as Alfred Hillinghead in Bodies (Disclosure/Netflix)

An intriguing element of the series is the presence of Elias Mannix, leader of the Executive, who appears in different ways in the different eras presented.

His influence and connection to the conspiracy involving the corpse are gradually explored, adding more suspense and mystery to the plot.

Visually generic but engaging environment

Although the television adaptation of Bodies While it failed to replicate the graphic novel’s distinct art styles for each time period, opting for a generic aesthetic for all, the series still holds viewers’ interest. The constant twists and cliffhangers contribute to the immersion in the narrative and compensate for this stylistic flaw.

Bodies is proof that the union between comics and television can create quality entertainment with the potential to please different audiences.

Clock the trailer:

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The program premiered on October 19 and is among the 4 most-watched series on the streaming service
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