The new season of Parents by Accidental already has a date to arrive on Disney+

The long-awaited new season of the original comedy series Parents by chance From Disney+ about to arrive.

The fans can celebrate as the release date has already been announced by the streaming service for November 8th.

Launched in July 2022, Parents by chance quickly won over audiences with its compelling story and reflections on the value of chosen family.

With endearing characters and hilarious plots, the series has become a favorite among subscribers of the streaming service.

The sequel to the adventures of California and her adoptive family promises to bring even more laughs and memorable moments.

Who is in the cast of the series

The main cast expects the return of the actors Jorge Blanco (Miguel), Michele Ronda (Morgan) e Lalo Brito (Diego) and the actresses Farah Giustiniani (California) e Fatima Molina (Itzel).

Additionally, the series will feature special appearances, including Paty Cantuwith the return of Karla Farfan (Paolina) e Maurizio Isacco (Patricio Sandoval).

And features new characters played by Carlos Morett (HI), Gabriele Nunzio (Moncho Cruz), Julius Graham (George) e Monica Dionne (Dr. Bueno).

Look at the poster:

Parents by Accident Poster (Disclosure / Disney+)Parents by Accident Poster (Disclosure / Disney+)
Parents by Accident Poster (Disclosure / Disney+)

A journey through Mexico full of surprises

The new season of Pmore by chance promises to take viewers on an exciting journey through Mexico. The story takes place a year after California reunites with her mother, Itzel, and brings new twists and challenges for the family as they search for moments of connection.

After a cross-country trip, California and her mother return to Mexico City. At this stage of the story they meet Morgan, Diego and Miguel, who have also had different experiences during the year. Together they face new obstacles and try to find a new home for California.

Clock the trailer:

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Music as an essential part of the series

One of the trademarks of Parents by chance It is the music that plays an important role in the narrative.

The protagonists not only perform covers of iconic songs, but also Soft by Luis Miguel e And what about Huella? by Rodolfo Aicardi, as well as original songs composed specifically for the series.

Fans will be able to enjoy the full album, which will be available on all digital platforms from November 8 and will contain original songs composed by the protagonists such as I like, Even if you don’t AND Frithe latter available from October 27.

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California, her mother and her three adoptive parents are on a musical tour in Mexico, bringing with them new intrigue and adventures.
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