The producer comments on the progress of the next episodes of Chucky

The third season of the series Chucky is underway and promises to give tons of emotions to fans of the famous killer doll.

This time, however, the season will not be released all at once but will rather be divided into two groups of episodes. The second part will premiere in 2024.

The producer Don Mancini he explained in an interview what motivated him to change the release strategy for the third season of Chucky.

The writers’ strike affected the production of the series

Chucky in Child's Play (play)Chucky in Child's Play (play)
Chucky in Child’s Play (play)

Don Mancini stated this in an interview with comic booksthat the Hollywood writers’ strike halted production of the series Chucky paralyzed for several months.

This factor led him and his team to divide the new season into two parts.

“It is a necessary experience born from the strike, yes. We were filming up until the point where SAG-AFTRA shut everything down. We knew this was coming, which we didn’t know for sure until, I think, about 10 days before, when it really looked like it was going in that direction.

He added: “Universal basically told us, “Look, Chucky has such a big presence on NBC this fall because of the mazes in the parks and everything. So they really wanted something to air during the Halloween season. So when we saw the strike was coming, we invested all our resources and time to finish in the top four.

The showrunner also revealed that episodes five and six of the Chucky season 3 they are almost complete.

“We actually almost finished fifth and sixth too. But we literally need one day to do five and six, and then a few more weeks to do seven and eight. But we have already shot part of the seventh and eighth.”

The fourth episode of Chucky leaves the perfect cliffhanger

Bjorgvin Arnarson, Alyvia Alyn Lind and Zackary Arthur in a scene from the series Chucky (Reproduction)

Episode 4 of Chucky ended with a surprising cliffhanger, giving the series a special moment, especially because of Halloween.

So when (the strike) happened, Universal said, “Okay, well, this is what we can do.” And luckily, the ending of episode 4 really paid off. [a um hiato]and it was just a coincidence because that was always what was going to happen at the end of episode 4“Mancini said.

And we knew it ever since [Chucky Temporada 3, Episódio 4, Dressed to Kill] it was the Halloween episode, like we do every year, we tried to make the Halloween episode a little special because no one has ever seen Chucky in this particular dilemma before”, concluded Mancini.

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Don Mancini explained how the Hollywood strike affected the filming of the series
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