Stranger Things details make the Byers’ departure from Hawkins more poignant

The Byers family left Hawkins before the fourth season of Stranger thingsmoving to California.

However, Will and Eleven’s departure was not easy, as they faced difficulties in adapting to their new surroundings.

And details shared in a spin-off story from Stranger things makes the Byers’ departure from Hawkins even worse.

Eddie Munson encouraged Will Byers to join the Hellfire Club

Scene from Stranger ThingsScene from Stranger Things
Scene from Stranger Things (Disclosure / Netflix)

Second Screen triggeringin the prequel book of Stranger things, Stranger Things: The Flight of Icarusa new and important character is introduced: Eddie Munson.

Through a chance meeting at a record store, Eddie helps Will, defending him from bullies and comforting him in a moment of vulnerability.

Eddie was no stranger to the experience of being labeled and bullied, which made him a leader of the Hellfire Club.

By encouraging Will to join the club once he entered high school, Eddie intended to provide him with a safe environment and a group with which he could bond and face the challenges of adolescence.

Because Eddie would have been a huge influence on Will in Stranger Things

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things (play/Netflix)

Eddie Munson’s presence would have been extremely beneficial to Will Byers during his time in California.

Faced with difficulties adjusting to his new environment, Will struggled with distance from his Hawkins friends and his own identity.

Being labeled “Zombie Boy” and the target of bullying, he was in desperate need of support and guidance.

Eddie, as the respected leader of the Hellfire Club, could have taught Will how to deal with insults and how to accept his uniqueness.

By reuniting Will with others like him and providing him with a safe space to explore his identity, Eddie could have helped Will feel more confident and empowered during this difficult time.

Repercussions of Will and Eleven’s departure from Hawkins

When you consider the touching details of Eddie Munson and the importance he might have had in Will Byers’ life, it is even sadder to realize that this positive influence was lost when the Byers family left Hawkins.

Although the series Stranger things Even though it showed that Will and his family returned to Hawkins in season five, it’s clear that it wasn’t an easy process for the young man.

Will and Eleven’s departure from the town of Hawkins and the lack of Eddie’s positive influence have left him more vulnerable and defenseless.

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Will Byers could have addressed the issues more easily with Eddie Munson’s help
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