Was Mephisto really in the plans for WandaVision?

Matt Shakmanthe director of WandaVisionaddressed fan theories regarding the villain Mephisto, the evil version of Wonder.

When WandaVision debuted on Disney+several rumors surfaced that Mephisto would appear in the series and be behind everything that happened with Scarlet Witch.

Even though it was revealed that it was Agatha Harkness, many fans continued to search for clues pointing to Mephisto, Marvel’s version of the devil. This turned out to be false, which also led to disappointment.

However, according to the comic booksShakman stated that Mephisto was never part of WandaVision.

There were some close readings of the text that led to some erroneous conclusions. Mephisto was never part of our plan. So it was a disaster. But hey, he’s a great character“.

In 2021, Jac Schaefferthe creator of the series had already done it presence denied from Mephisto: “There was never any conscious intention on my part to create false leads about Mephisto because I didn’t know who Mephisto was until the press started talking about him.“.

It is said that Mephisto will appear in another Marvel series

Mephisto (Marvel Comics)Mephisto (Marvel Comics)
Mephisto (Marvel Comics)

However, there are rumors that Mephisto may appear in another Marvel series, in which case, Iron heart. Some believe so Sacha Baron Cohen will play the character.

In another interview for the comic books, Dominique Thornewho plays Riri Williams, avoided answering whether the villain is in the series.

Man, the series is coming. We just finished filming, actually, on November 2nd and I think there’s a lot for fans to dig into, especially if they liked what they saw of Riri Williams in another world that wasn’t hers. I think they can have fun, entering a world that is theirs.”

For the future, fans await the debut of Agatha: Darkhold Journalsa spin-off of WandaVisionwhich will premiere on Disney+.

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