Netflix cancels Shadow and Bone and many other series

Shadow and bones However, it reached a critical moment in the plot of the Grishaverse with the second season Netflix decided to cancel the series.

The two-season, eight-episode program is based on the books by Leigh Bardugo and carried a legion of fans.

In the storyline, Alina was chosen to be part of a group that traveled to the Fold, a dark place where scary creatures live.

Alina discovers that she is a Sun Summoner, seemingly the only one capable of putting an end to Dobra.

This makes her the center of attention of several powerful groups who want to use Alina’s powers for their own purposes.

The cast of the series includes Jessie Mei Li, Archie Renaux, Ben Barnes, Freddy Carter, Daisy head, Amita Suman, Patrick Gibson, Young Kitamong others.

Why did Netflix cancel Shadow and Bone?

Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone (Disclosure)
Jessie Mei Li and Ben Barnes in Shadow and Bone (Disclosure)

So far, the reason for Netflix’s cancellation is unknown. Shadow and bonesbut this commonly happens due to the cost and performance of the program.

Even if a series has a loyal fan base, the company usually cancels programs if they cost a lot to make and have low viewership.

Another reason for the cancellation could be the media changes that the studios will have to make after the end of the Hollywood writers’ strike.

According to expirationamong other productions canceled by Netflix Fascinating, Agent Elvis, Farzar AND Captain Fall.

Shadow and bones there would still be a derivative, Six of crowsreleased shortly after the premiere of the second season of the series, however, it is not yet known whether the spin-off will have a future.

With many fans, that may be the case Shadow and bones get a new home on another streaming service or TV channel, just like a Warrior nun.

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