The new trailer for Percy Jackson excites fans and erases doubts that the series will be bad

A Disney has released a new trailer for the series Percy Jackson and the Olympiansand the scenes apparently removed any doubts fans had that the series would be bad.

The trailer shows a little more of the world Percy Jackson lives in, where mythological creatures are hidden everywhere.

Furthermore, the protagonist discovers his mission to find Zeus’ thunderbolt and prevent a war between the Olympian gods.

The video highlights several other young men training at Camp Half-Blood, as well as several gods, monsters, and locations well known to fans of the books.

Clock the trailer:

The cast includes Walker Scobell, Leah Jeffries, Ariano Simhadri, Lance Reddick, Charlie Bushnell AND Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The series comes to Disney+ on December 20th.

Fans praise the trailer for Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Due to the films, which received negative reviews, Percy Jackson fans began to doubt the validity of the Percy Jackson series Disney+ it could be faithful to the books Rick Riordan.

Some of the main criticisms from some fans of the series were that the three main actors didn’t look like the ones in the books, as well as the terrible special effects and whether the series would be faithful to the books.

This new trailer seems to have dispelled any doubts fans had and Disney+ social media posts were full of praise and enthusiasm from fans.

On X, a fan commented: “It’s very good, sir. Anxious“. While another wrote: “What a beautiful and perfect aesthetic“.

Already on Instagramone fan wrote: “Brother… Seriously…. There is not a single flaw!!!!!!!!!! Best series ever!!!“.

Another person commented: “The chimera, beloved father, what a wonderful thing“. And there was a renewal request before the series premiere: “People are perfect for the love of God! Renew now!“.

Everything I imagined in the books has been perfectly incorporated into this series. May it be as great as the saga is“, another fan posted.

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