Has the Shadow and Bone spin-off been canceled too?

A Netflix announced the cancellation of the series Shadow and bonesbased on the fantasy books by Leigh Bardugo.

As a result, fans of the franchise were disappointed to learn that it was a spin-off Six of crows Furthermore, it will no longer be produced.

Second Colliderthis decision saddened the author, who expressed her feelings on social media, but also showed gratitude for having her work adapted.

This news hit me hard. I am heartbroken and deeply disappointed. I’m also trying to keep my gratitude very real. Most authors never get to have their work adapted. Many who do so end up regretting the experience. I’m one of the lucky few who can look at an adaptation with pride and joy.”

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Six of Crows is a big loss

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Scene Shown During Netflix's TUDUM Event (Play)Shadow and Bone Season 2 Scene Shown During Netflix's TUDUM Event (Play)
Shadow and Bone Season 2 Scene Shown During Netflix’s TUDUM Event (Play)

The cancellation of the series Shadow and bones of Netflix was sad news for fans, but the loss of the spin-off Six of crows It’s a really tough blow to overcome.

This group of characters was considered the highlight of the series and added an interesting element to the main plot.

The team of actors, composed of Freddy Carter, Amira Suman and Kit Young, brought fun and energy to the series, almost overshadowing the protagonist herself.

Perplexed fans wondered the reasons for this decision. Some speculate that a lack of adequate promotion or an ineffective strategy on Netflix’s part may have contributed to the series’ demise.

One reason for the series’ cancellation could be financial, as it can be an expensive series to produce, and even with a loyal fan base, there aren’t enough audiences to justify the cost.

Another reason for the series’ cancellation could be linked to the end of the Hollywood writers’ strike, which requires Netflix to create new strategies for payments, cost control and media productions.

I hope so Shadow and bones OR Six of crows it could find a new home on another platform or be revived on a TV channel in the future.

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