The Golden Age: reasons not to miss the second season

The series The golden agecreated by Julian Fellowes, won over fans with his period drama set in the American Gilded Age. The plot revolves around the intrigues between the “old rich” and the “new rich” of high society.

In the first season, the audience followed the journey of young Marian Brook, who lives under the roof of her wealthy aunts after the death of her father. She must find her way amidst a conflict between old and new customs.

With season 2 coming soon HBO MaxCheck out some great reasons to watch it below The golden age. The second season of the series, consisting of eight episodes, will premiere every Sunday at 10pm on HBO and HBO Max.

Compelling plot

Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon) in The Golden Age (Disclosure / HBO Max)
Ada Brook (Cynthia Nixon) in The Golden Age (Disclosure / HBO Max)

In addition to continuing Marian’s story, the series also brings out the clash between the families Van Rhijn AND Goshawk against the family Russell, just arrived in New York City. That A fast-paced struggle for power and prestige in high society unfolds, complete with thrilling twists and complex plots that would leave anyone curious as to what might happen.

Female characters in the foreground

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Peggy Scot (Denée Benton) in The Golden Age (Disclosure/HBO Max)

The series is also notable for its strong female characters who challenge the stereotypes of the time. In addition to Marian, we have Peggy Scot, a black woman, writer and activist, who breaks the stereotypes associated with her because of her gender and her race. These powerful and determined women show the fight for equality in a time of intense social change.

More intrigue between the old rich and the new rich

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Aurora Fane (Kelli O’Hara) and Oscar Wilde Jordan Walle in The Golden Age (Disclosure / HBO Max)

The series fascinatingly portrays the battles between the “old rich” and the “new rich” of the American Gilded Age, a period of intense economic change. The second season delves even further into this silent war between these two groups, showing the machinations and rivalries between the powerful families. The episodes promise surprises and twists that will keep viewers intrigued and connected to the plot.

Visuals and cast of the series

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Larry Russell (Harry Richardson), Bertha Russell (Carrie Coon) and George Russell (Morgan Spector) in The Golden Age (Disclosure / HBO Max)

The series stands out for the quality of its production, with a stunning visual aesthetic that transports audiences to the late 19th century. The elegant costumes and sumptuous settings of the world of the rich and powerful provide an extraordinary viewing experience. Furthermore, the cast includes names such as Carrie Coon, Christine Baranski, Cynthia Nixon, Morgan Spector and others, guaranteeing high-level performances and engaging interpretations.

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