Did Godzilla II and Kong influence the Monarch series?

The series Monarch – Legacy of the Monsters he takes up residence within the Monstervese shortly after the end of the film Godzillaof 2014, directed by Gareth Edwards.

In turn, the film Kong: Skull Island it is set in 1973 and is the story of the animated series Skull Islandfrom Netflix, is set in the 1990s.

Accordingly, the story of Godzilla II: King of the Monsters takes place five years after the 2014 film and Godzilla vs. Kong another five years later Godzilla II.

The producer Tory Tunnell explained in an interview with Cinematic blend that there was a lot of material to explore in the series Legacy of the Monsters thanks to the sequential films of Godzilla.

We’re paying attention to what’s going to happen, because the great thing about making our own series is that we know the future in this universe because of the features. We are also looking back. So we have our playground in the past, but we’re also having a lot of fun exploring the depths of Gareth Edwards’ world. In a way understanding what it meant to be a character on the ground floor of all of this. And always keeping our eyes open… we know what’s going to happen, so we’re laying the groundwork for these things“.

About Monarch – Legacy of Monsters

Godzilla in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)Godzilla in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)
Godzilla in Monarch: Legacy of Monsters (Disclosure / Apple TV+)

Monarch – Legacy of the Monsters is broadcast exclusively on the Apple TV+ platform. New episodes are released every Friday.

The program features a cast that brings together Hollywood veterans and new talent, including Kurt Russell, Wyatt Russell, Anna Sawai, Ren Watabe, Mari Yamamoto, Joe Tippett and Elisa Lasowski.

Cate can’t forget Godzilla’s attack on San Francisco. After discovering a secret about her family, she embarks on an adventure to discover what Monarch really is and his connection to the Titans.

The MonsterVerse films, included Godzilla, Godzilla II, Kong: Skull Island AND Godzilla vs. Kongare available on HBO Max.

Next release in the MonsterVerse

The next MonsterVerse release is scheduled for April 12, 2024, with the film titled Godzilla vs. Kong: The New Empire.

The film is directed by Adam Wingard and brings together Godzilla and Kong again to fight a common enemy.

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