Brian Cox reveals his favorite quote about succession

During an appearance on the show Late Night with Seth Meyersthe actor Brian Cox revealed what his favorite Logan Roy quote is in the series Succession.

The actor recalled a scene between Logan and his four children, in which his character says: “I love you, but you are not serious people”. Second IndieWirecommented the following analyzing the sentence:

Well, it was actually my favorite line that I said during the entire show. I love that line and thought, “Why didn’t I say this before?”. They were extremely unserious most of the time.

Did everything go according to Logan’s plan in Succession?

In a twist in the series finale, HBO, Tom, a distant son-in-law, wins Waystar Royco from Logan’s heirs. For Brian Cox, this was part of Logan Roy’s plan.

I think Logan already had this planned. He realized that those boys would be of no use. Well, they accomplished nothing! Their sum is zero“, explained the actor.

Brian Cox is giving acting lessons

Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession (Play/HBO Max)Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession (Play/HBO Max)
Brian Cox as Logan Roy in Succession (Play/HBO Max)

Brian Cox currently teaches acting at BBC Maestro and has revealed the most important advice he gives to his students.

Just learn your damn lines and don’t crash into furniture. This is the basic principle of action. After that it will all be bullshit for me“, shared the actor.

However, Cox admitted that he was not a good student when he began memorizing scripts early in his career. He also said that even with the discipline he has acquired over the years, the fear of acting has not disappeared.

It’s discipline. I’m about to do “Long Day’s Journey Into Night.” I’m going to do it in London in the new year and I’m scared because I have to go through the process of learning the phrases. And as you get older, your synapses no longer work the same way”.

And finally he talked about the itineraries of Succession: “If there’s a poetic element to the writing, you pick it up right away. That’s why Shakespeare is so beautiful, because he is wonderfully well-structured“.

Free prose is very difficult to learn, especially when performing broken lines. It is not needed. But everything that has a poetic streak is useful“, concluded Cox.

The episodes of Succession they are available on HBO Max.

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