Ahsoka’s creator explains Sabine’s arc: ‘Anyone can be a Jedi’

About the Series AhsokaAhsoka Tano trained Sabine Wren to become a Jedi, even though the Mandalorian didn’t have much affinity for the Force.

This paves the way for the franchise Star Wars so that many other beings living in the galaxy can become Jedi.

Second Screen triggering, Dave Filoni he explained that since the Force is within all of us, anyone can be a Jedi if given the correct training.

The idea that she’s not incredibly skilled at wielding the Force, I think, is a powerful thing… the Force emanates from everyone and everything, from every living thing… So it’s not absent from the Force. It’s Part of the Strength…Part of the problem is that, like anything in life you want to do, you have to train a lot to acquire the skills“.

Everyone can become a Jedi and not everyone can become a Jedi. So I wanted to tell this story, she’s a very talented warrior – she’s a very talented person, but she’s not something that comes easy to her“, concluded Filoni.

The Star Wars franchise has explored many Force-powerful characters such as Anakin, Yoda, Luke, and Rey.

Now, Dave Filoni proves that anyone can become a Jedi regardless of lineage or innate power.

This paves the way for how Rey can reboot the Jedi Order in the next Star Wars film.

George Lucas has already explained the rules of the Force

Yoda and Luke (Mark Hamill) in Star Wars (Play / LucasFilm)Yoda and Luke (Mark Hamill) in Star Wars (Play / LucasFilm)
Yoda and Luke (Mark Hamill) in Star Wars (Play / LucasFilm)

George Lucasexplained the creator of the Star Wars series doing of In Return of the Jediin 1981, on the rules of the Force.

Lucas compared Jedi training to yoga and karate, as well as stating that anyone can use the Force, although only Jedi dedicate themselves to it full-time.

Like yoga. If you want to take the time to do it, you can; but the ones who really want to do it are the ones who like this kind of thing. It’s also like karate“.

Therefore, whether someone has little or much connection with the Force, only training and discipline will lead to using it in the best possible way.

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