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Everyone Hates Chris: What Happens After The Series Ends?

Everyone hates Chris began airing in 2005 and ended after four seasons in 2009. The series ended on a major cliffhanger, where Chris’s family was curious as to whether he could graduate and receive his diploma.

Sadly, the series did not return for Season 5 to let fans know if Chris was able to complete his education. However, in 2020, the actor TylerJamesWilliamswho played the protagonist, answered this question.

He shared some curiosity From Everyone hates Chris when the series completed 15 years of debut. According to the actor, Chris finishes his studies, but the story of him continues until he starts his career in comedy.

FAQ: Did Chris pass the supplement and what happened in the finale? Yes, he passed, but he dropped out of college. This is the beginning of your comedy journey. The ending was a frame-for-frame parody of the ending by Soprano familywhich was also shown in the same year”.

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The actor has revealed plans for a fourth season
Source: Epipoca


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