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Game of Thrones: What Happened to Drogon After Daenerys’ Death?

Daenery Targaryen’s Three Dragons (Emilia Clarke), Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion always stole the show throughout the series game of Thrones. Unfortunately only Drogon survived until the end of the program.

Daenerys’ death caused an angry response from Drogon, and the dragon dissolved the coveted Iron Throne but spared Jon Snow’s life (Kit Haringot), who killed his mother. Drogon was last seen at the end of season eight flying with Daenerys’ corpse, and it is unknown which direction he has taken since.

So far there are no answers as to where Drogon went, but there are many theories as to what happened to him after the events of game of Thrones.

Emilia Clarke’s theory

Drogon and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in Game of Thrones (play)
Drogon and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in Game of Thrones (play)

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There are many theories about the dragon’s fate.
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