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Power Rangers: Rita Repulsa wasn’t originally stranded on the Moon

at the beginning of Power Rangers, Rita Repulsa appears emerging from a space junkyard on the Moon, where she has been imprisoned for a long time due to Zordon. However, in the version Super sentai, Kyōryū Sentai Zyurangerthe villain was not imprisoned on the moon, but on a planet.

Second Joke on screen, no planets other than those already known are introduced, although Rita is shown as a sorceress from space, as are Zordon and the powers of the Rangers. Soon after Rita comes out of the dumpster, she builds a castle on the moon.

But looking at the Japanese version, it can be seen that the scenario where the space junk is found is not the Moon. Astronauts’ spacecraft approaches a red colored planet.

Rita Repulsa got trapped in Nemesis

In Supersentai, Rita Repulsa, known in Japan as the Witch Bandora, was trapped on a planet called Nemesis.. The fictional planet that is in our solar system but has a different orbital path.

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In the Japanese version, the villain is trapped in a different place than in the North American version.
Source: Epipoca


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