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Ahsoka: The actress vents about the responsibility of playing Hera

About the Series AhsokaFrom disney+, Mary Elizabeth Winstead will play Hera Syndulla, the leader of the Twi’lek resistance, who debuted in the Star Wars franchise on the series Star was rebellious.

For four seasons, audiences have followed the adventures of the crew of the ghost ship in the fight against the Empire and various other dangers. In Ahsoka, that adventure continues, both with the search for Ezra and also to stop the evil Thrawn from returning.

In an interview for the Entertainment WeeklyMary Elizabeth Winstead shared her experience playing Ivy, as well as what she considers key to bringing the character to life in the live-action version.

“To have a character that’s already existed and has such a rich history in something like Rebels, as an actress, is amazing. Because sometimes we’re tasked with coming up with our own backstories or trying to flesh out a character who doesn’t have much on the page. So playing a character who has season after season of complex storylines and histories with everyone in their lives and relationships and experiences was really something I’ve never experienced in that way.”

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Mary Elizabeth Winstead answered if Ahsoka’s ivy is the same as Star Wars Rebels
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