True Detective: Night Country reveals why Danvers and Navarro are at odds

In the most recent episode of True Detective: Night Countrythe Wheeler case is highlighted.

Chief Liz Danvers and Officer Evangeline Navarro face frightening visions and a difficult case as their relationship comes into focus this time.

Agent Pete Prior asks Danvers about the last case they worked on together, which we know created hostility between them.

What was the Wheeler case about?

In the Wheeler case, Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro are called to the home of William Wheeler, a man with a criminal record and a history of violence against his girlfriend.

However, when they arrive too late, they find Wheeler looking at his dead girlfriend.

Danvers tells Officer Pete Prior that even though Wheeler posed no immediate danger, one of the officers shot him.

This situation generated hostility between Danvers and Navarro, resulting in the latter’s transfer to another police unit.

Danvers’ description of the Wheeler case is a reference to the first season of True Detective

Second ColliderDanvers’ description of the Wheeler case references the first season of True detectivein which the protagonists also covered up a murder.

The parallel narrative reinforces the complexity of the characters and their controversial actions. The connection between seasons could indicate a shared vision of the characters, regardless of their different circumstances.

In the first season, detectives Rust Cohle and Marty Hart are investigating a series of cult-related murders in Louisiana, and the information they gather eventually leads them to the home of Dewall and Reggie Ledoux.

The two detectives quickly find the suspects, however, when Marty finds two children held captive in a warehouse near Ledoux’s house, he shoots Reggie in a fit of rage.

The clean arrest the detectives were hoping to make is now ruined, so they cover it up by making the crime scene look like a gunfight.

True Detective: Night Country Scene (Play)
True Detective: Night Country Scene (Play)

Who really killed William Wheeler?

While the Ledoux case strengthened the bond between Rust and Marty, the Wheeler case did not do the same for Danvers and Navarro.

While Danvers is shaken by the scene she finds upon arrival, Navarro is angry, which is a reasonable reaction to finding a violent psychopath maliciously whistling over the body of his dead girlfriend.

The only clue Danvers gives about what really happened in the Wheeler case is when he says “Navarro couldn’t get over it.” That sentence makes it sound like Navarro was the one who shot Wheeler.

However, it is unclear who actually killed William Wheeler. The narrative suggests signs that she may have been Evangeline Navarro, due to her history of violence against women.

However, this information cannot be confirmed. The tragedy Wheeler experienced led to the separation of the partnership between Danvers and Navarro, and the consequences of this separation continue to resonate in the relationship between the two characters.

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