How does Griselda relate to Narcos?

The series Griselda is a new drama starring Sofía Vergara, who plays Griselda Blanco. The series has arrived Netflix and has six episodes of about an hour.

The series is created by Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz, the same team behind it Narcos AND Narcos: Mexico. Vergara, said Modern familyhe is also an executive producer on the project.

What is the connection between Griselda and Narcos?

Second TUDUMthe connection between Griselda AND Narcos is part of the creative team behind the series. Eric Newman, showrunner of Narcoshe is co-creator of the series together with director Andrés Baiz.

The experience accumulated in Narcos was key to building a fluid dynamic in the production of Griselda.

Additionally, both series feature Latino actors who speak both English and Spanish, exploring similar themes, such as the relationship between the law and drug trafficking.

In Griseldathe character Griselda Blanco and police officer June Hawkins’ struggles to emerge in a male-dominated world are also highlighted.

The partnership between Narcos and Sofía Vergara was a natural choice, as they share the vision of humanizing complex characters and finding humanity in a sensitive topic like drug trafficking.

The series Griselda seeks to understand the dynamics between people who cannot turn to the police and the cohesion of communities and organizations that emerge in these circumstances.

Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos (Disclosure / Netflix)Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos (Disclosure / Netflix)
Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar in Narcos (Disclosure / Netflix)

Through the story of Griselda Blanco, the production portrays the challenges faced by those living on the margins of society and how they adapt to survive.

Something we tried to do in Narcos, and also with Griselda, is understand the dynamics of: who do people who can’t go to the police go to? And what holds these things together, these places, these neighborhoods, these organizations?“Newman said.

Who was Griselda Blanco?

Sofia Vergara with Griselda Blanco in Griselda (Disclosure / Netflix)

Griselda Blanco is a fascinating woman who has defied all expectations. She was a businesswoman and devoted mother known as the “godmother” of the drug trafficking world.

Ambitious, she built one of the most profitable drug cartels in history, masterfully managing illicit activities and taking care of her family.

Her personality mixes cruelty and charm, things that helped her navigate the different worlds she found herself in.

Griselda Blanco’s story is touching, funny, scary and tragic at the same time. She is an anti-heroine full of contradictions, who has achieved unparalleled power, wealth and respect.

There has never been a woman who has come close to the power, wealth and respect that Griselda has achieved. And no trafficker, woman or man, has ever caused the same level of fear“Newman said.

With a gripping plot and complex characters, Griselda offers an in-depth look at the world of drug trafficking and how it affects both the people involved and society as a whole.

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